Over the past two weeks, we have seen some

of the best and worst of the Fairfield student body.

The vote for the new FUSA constitution took place the Thursday before spring break. After much effort done by FUSA to publicize the event, only about 130 students actually voted. The new constitution did pass, but this event served as yet another glaring example of Fairfield student apathy.

Given, the vote did take place right before Spring Break, and this poor timing may have contributed to the low turnout. However, the voting booths were set up on the first floor of the BCC, a building that almost every student walks through once a day, so missing the voting is nearly impossible for most.

As we steel ourselves for the inevitably low voter turnout for the FUSA elections, we are reminded that not all is lost with Fairfield students. There are a number of students who aren’t apathetic. Groups of Fairfield students gave up their Spring Break week of boozing and sunny beaches to go on various mission trips, both national and international, to build houses and better various communities.

In addition, the time to apply for department awards is fast approaching. For seniors, graduation is coming shortly, along with the various accolades that accompany the event. The annual senior leadership, community service and role model awards have been selected. The university can only officially recognize and honor a small number of students, but it’s a comfort to know many Fairfield students, even if they are not the majority, demonstrate their dedication everyday.

The rest of the student body can learn something from these individuals. There is definitely a group of intelligent Fairfield students who have no problem using their gifts to advance themselves and benefit others. The sad fact is that we have dismissed student apathy as commonplace and unchangeable. This tends to overshadow the accomplishments of the students not awash in apathy.

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