“Dear Brooke, since I don’t have money to spend on a trip for spring break, what can I do with my time off?”


Spring break has somehow grown to be a tradition when students spend thousands of dollars on extravagant trips, instead of taking the time off as a reset following the mid-semester exam influx.

Personally, I will not be traveling during my week off because I’d rather save my money for my summer. I feel that planning a vacation with a group of friends while trying to figure out the flights, hotels and finances would just cause me more stress during a time intended for the opposite.

Instead, I look forward to spending my week back at my house surrounded by my family, dog and hometown friends. Although my list of activities might not sound the most “thrilling” compared to the Snapchat videos that show other students partying away in another state, I find this time in isolation incredibly peaceful and will seek to take advantage of it – and so should you! Try some of these activities I have on my to-do list, as they might act as a nice refresher before coming back for our final month of the semester.

Examine your bookshelf

One thing I never get to do during the regular school week is read a book since I am so busy. I have always loved indulging myself in a good, intense fictional narrative, so I will definitely sit on my back porch (if it’s warm enough) or in my cozy bed to engross myself in an interesting story. I’ve had “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern and “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak on my bookshelf for quite a while, so I hope to finish at least those novels. Try to search your room for books you haven’t gotten to read yet! If you don’t have any new ones, then buy some at Barnes and Noble or check out one at your local library. Some of my favorites include “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn and “Then She Was Gone” by Lisa Jewell.

Order a paint by number

Painting is another one of my favorite hobbies, though I’m not that good. So, I’ve found that ordering a paint by number is satisfying enough where I have to do the work to create a beautiful finished product, but I don’t necessarily need to have the talent to do it. It takes pretty long so it’s definitely something to pass the time, and I enjoy brushing the canvas while listening to music, a podcast or Kitchen Nightmares in the background. It’s peaceful and productive! Search through the catalog for any designs that catch your eye and make a painting for yourself.

Make time to visit your hometown friends

I never get to see my hometown friends. Even with facetime, it’s hard to find a time when our schedules have an opening at the same time. Luckily, my friends have the same week off for break, and we have already planned to meet up for dinner if we can’t make the time or have the money to go on a fun spontaneous day trip to New York City. If your schedules align definitely try to take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise it’ll probably be until summer that you see them next. The same tip goes for seeing your family. Make time to have a nice meal together or watch a movie in the living room. 

Get a head start on work

This might not be for everyone or sound fun at all, but once we get back to school, it’s a mad dash to the finish line. We will all get submerged with work and finals so much so that it will feel like we’re getting buried. So, try looking ahead on your syllabus to help your future self out. I personally will be outlining any final essays or projects coming up or finishing small assignments to clear up space when I get back to campus. Only give yourself one to two days on this though, you still want to enjoy your time off of your regular workload.

Sleep In

I can not stress enough how vital it is to take advantage of sleeping in. School seems to strip us of our beauty sleep, so make sure to close those curtains, turn off your alarms and just sleep. 

Do anything you haven’t gotten to do

Think of all of the things you don’t normally have time for when you’re at school. Maybe you haven’t gotten to binge a good Netflix show in a while or miss driving around aimlessly listening to music (which is my personal favorite). Whatever it is, use this time to relax and breathe! It’s the perfect opportunity for a reset.

These plans may not be the most exciting, but the point of spring break is to have a period where you have no obligations to do anything. So, do exactly that. You don’t need to have money or go on a trip to enjoy your time off. Have fun and soak it in!

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