I have always kept a collection of cookbooks, but never had any use for them until I got an apartment and started cooking on my own. My small collection consists of vegan cookbooks, American Girl cookbooks and, of course, my inspo Ree Drummond’s cookbooks. Recently, I bought a new cookbook that was a bit different from the others I have. “Beauty Food” by Maria Ahlgren has not left my side since winter break. With my love of nutrition and skincare in mind, this groundbreaking cookbook brings together both of my favorite things. Aside from recipes, it is jam-packed with information about “beauty” food; food that keeps skin from breaking down and hair from losing its strength and volume. The cookbook itself is an aesthetic; the pretty pastel colors and delicious-looking foods make the book fun to look at and hard to put down. From this new cookbook, I have gathered so much information about how different foods keep the skin and hair looking healthy. According to Ahlgren, an incredibly knowledgeable beauty editor, here are five foods for healthy, youthful skin that you can keep right in your dorm room.




Almonds contain a high amount of magnesium and vitamin E, which protect cell membranes in the skin. As a first-year, Blue Diamond almonds were my afternoon snack. They come in 100-calorie pouches, which are easy to take on-the-go. Nowadays, I enjoy almond milk with my favorite protein powder mixed in. Whichever way you enjoy your almonds will benefit your hair and skin in the long run!




Not to be dramatic, but avocados are the world’s greatest treasure. They count as a healthy fat, while also being filled with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin E. These protect the skin from sun damage and moisturize the skin from within. You now have even more reasons to spend $5 on a bag of avocados every week.




Not everybody enjoys the taste or texture of bananas. But, the truth is bananas have endless health benefits. Besides being filled with vitamins, bananas are known for their potassium levels, and potassium controls the body’s fluid balance. With a controlled fluid balance, you are less likely to see those dreaded bags under your eyes!




Ahlgren makes the point in “Beauty Food” that oats do absolute wonders for the hair. Oats contain vitamin B, iron, magnesium and zinc. Each of these vitamins and minerals are typically found in biotin and other hair growth supplements, meaning eating oats regularly is like medicine for the hair!


Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds are typically enjoyed around Halloween, but they are sold year-round and contain high amounts of zinc and amino acid tryptophan. These allow hair to maintain its strength and color, as well as preventing breakouts!


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