“Daredevil,” the latest television show based on a classic comic book, was released on Netflix recently and it has the potential to be a hit. Unlike other television shows influenced by the Marvel cinematic universe, “Daredevil” is a much grittier and darker story than any other movie or television show so far. The fact that it is also being released on Netflix, which has also given rise to popular series like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black,” gives the program a better opportunity to become one of the more popular Marvel stories to be released.

Daredevil is an interesting character because his double life of being a lawyer by day and vigilante by night complement each other in a way that has not been done in the superhero genre.

Netflix Daredevil

Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s identity, is a blind attorney that fights for the innocent from the suppressive powers that run Hell’s Kitchen, New York; and if he cannot find justice in the courtroom, then he wears a mask and fights for justice where the law does not help. When Murdock was blinded as a kid, his other senses were heightened to a superhuman level and are useful in both the courtroom and in the streets. His powers, skills and smarts are what make the character of Daredevil so riveting to watch.

The new series has a lot to work with when it comes to possible storylines because of Daredevil’s complex persona. The writers could give this superhero genre show more of a crime/drama feel because of Murdock’s attorney position. Or, they could use Daredevil for more action-suspense areas. This gives the writers more to work with to keep the show continuously interesting and not just reproduce the classic superhero formula that shows like “The Arrow” and “The Flash” use. Instead of each episode being about the hero fighting against a single adversary and then moving on to the next one in the following episode, this show can move away from a “comic-y” feel to be a more serious and thrilling drama.

The concept of “Daredevil” is already more violent than most comic books, so it will be interesting to see how the creators follow the story already laid out in the comics.

From what has been shown about the series, it seems like the show could be tied into the larger Marvel universe that the Avengers created in the movies.

Hopefully fans will see possible crossovers into other shows, like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” or even into a movie. Even if you are not into the superhero genre, the show is something that has not been done before and could even be of interest for fans of crime-dramas and darker action-thrillers.

It seems to have taken the same path that Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight trilogy: writers took a well-known comic and made it darker and more realistic, which worked for Batman and will hopefully work Daredevil as well.

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