One of my favorite places to scroll is Pinterest. I love seeing different ideas and getting inspiration for all sorts of things like outfits, decorating and places to travel. So, here are some of my favorite things about Pinterest, as well as some tips for keeping your boards as aesthetically pleasing as the app. 

  1. Create a common theme for your boards. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have boards for a variety of things, just keep the titles similar. For example, during my Pinterest remodel, I changed my titles to be all lowercase and added a corresponding emoji. So, my board with travel tips and places I want to visit is titled ‘travel’ and I have a little airplane emoji right after. 

  1. Make sections within your boards. 

Not every board needs a section, but if you have a lot of pins, or it’s something like home decor, you might want to categorize. This way, you can find your pins faster. I have one board that’s all about books, and I have a section with books I want to read, a section for each of my favorite book series, a section with quotes from books, and a section with common reader problems (such as not having enough bookshelves). 

  1. Use Pinterest with your friends!

I’m the biggest fan of shared boards. I think they’re so fun. One of my friends and I saved a bunch of ideas for a Galentine’s Day party to a board we could both work on, and my future roommates and I are saving ideas for decor for our dorm next year. It’s nice to see what everyone likes and to get an idea of what my suite could look like. 

  1. Inspire your creative projects.

Obviously, most people use Pinterest for inspiration, but it’s especially fun if you’re working on creative or artsy projects. I’m always writing, and one of my favorite ways to prompt a story is to use pictures or paintings. I have a board titled ‘art’ (with a painter’s palette emoji) that includes sections for architecture, paintings, photos, and sculptures (these all have appropriate emojis, except for the sculpture one because there are no sculpture emojis – maybe someday I’ll get my perfect sculpture emoji). Paintings and photos specifically have led me to some of my best short stories, so I’m always saving pins to those sections. I also know of many other writers who use Pinterest boards to inspire their characters. They save pins of the clothes they would wear or people that remind them of their characters. I personally haven’t done this, but I think it’s a great way to help visualize what you want to create, especially if you’re a writer or visual artist. 

So, those are some of my favorite tips and tricks for Pinterest. Hopefully, they gave you some inspiration for your own boards. If you want to see more of my Pinterest, give my account a quick visit: @sophiacl20 (but please don’t judge too much – my boards are still being renovated and rearranged!).

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