From the days getting shorter, the air getting crisper and the aura getting spookier, the season of Fall is upon us. And with autumn comes seasonal food; warm, gooey and nap-inducing. Most notably and my easy favorite of the selection is soup as they are the epitome of Fall. Soups are the perfect way to cozy up on a cold night. There are so many different soups to try and make with ingredients you all probably have on hand in the kitchen. I have been on a journey of trial and error trying to perfect different kinds of popular soups, from scratch. Here are some of the results and my takes on how they came out! 

Chicken Noodle

Chicken noodle soup is such a classic and a crowd favorite. It is very basic with regards to ingredients and adheres to even picky eaters. Now I will say, I am not the best at cooking meats, so premade chicken also works. Or if you’re lucky like me, your roommate will cook your chicken for you. The key to a good chicken noodle soup is the flavor. It is important to not go overboard but to add enough to give it a little spice. I used oregano, salt, pepper and basil to my liking. Then I added carrots and celery. The cook time was only 30 minutes. A crucial part of chicken noodle soup – the noodle! The shape you choose honestly makes or breaks the soup. I used a classic egg noodle, but I would also recommend rigatoni or orzo if you want a similar texture to the rice. Next, add your pasta and let it simmer for 10 more minutes. Toast some bread or pull out some crackers for dipping. In 40 minutes you will have a warm simple soup ready to serve. You cannot go wrong with chicken noodle in my mind. While it is not my favorite, it still hits the spot every time. 

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a great meal to make because you can really customize it to your liking by adding your favorite veggies that burst with flavor. With that being said I added my favorite vegetables: onions, carrots, celery, beans, peppers and corn. The prep time is longer than chicken noodle as you will be chopping a lot. Your eyes will also water while cutting the onions. Don’t worry though because the blend of all the veggies will make your house smell amazing. You will let the soup simmer along with various spices and broth for an hour and twenty minutes before you can serve it. This hearty soup is best paired with pita bread to dip in my opinion. Veggie soup is great because you can mass meal prep with it by chopping as many vegetables as you want and freezing the extra. It is a great soup to boost your immune system and get your daily serving of greens in. The blend of all the ingredients creates an amazing broth flavor. I felt so much better after making veggie soup one Sunday when I was feeling a bit under the weather. I would also recommend sprinkling some parmesan cheese over the top.

French Onion

Now, this is a personal favorite of mine. I love french onion soup, but I never had the chance to make it from scratch. It was a bit challenging but it came out pretty solid for my first time attempting it. Remember when I said your eyes would tear up chopping onions and making vegetable soup? Well, it is nothing compared to the onions you will cut for this soup. I made enough soup for seven girls so I cut about eight onions. I literally put on goggles to stop tearing up. However, then you have to caramelize the onions which take quite a bit of time but the smell is incredible. You then add the broth and seasoning which was easy to follow. The next roadblock was the fact I didn’t have the proper french onion soup bowls the recipe recommended. When you place the french onion in the oven along with the cheese it is supposed to have a hardened, almost golden top. While my cereal bowls didn’t work quite as well, the finishing was still very good. I almost wish I had a little blow torch because I think that would have made the same finish as the ceramic bowls the recipe wanted. I served the soup with toasted baguettes and it was incredible.

Butternut Squash 

What better way to get into the fall spirit than making an autumnal-flavored butternut squash soup? It felt daunting to make this soup, but it ended up being quite easy and turned out great. After letting the butternut squash cook and simmer you have to have a blender, so make sure you have that or you will be like me asking your college neighbors. Then, you can season it to your liking. Mine had just enough kick and sweetness that really made me feel like I was eating autumn itself. I made grilled cheese sandwiches on good seeded bread for dipping. This soup was not my favorite, but definitely worth making.

Be sure to give these soups a try! They will not only be wonderfully delicious but they will get you in the true fall spirit.

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