In our current reality, it’s easy to fall into a rut while being stuck at home. It’s important to find a routine that aims to keep you organized, motivated and feeling your best. It can be really helpful to still set an alarm and get yourself ready for the day. Oh yeah, that means hair, makeup, outfits…the works. It can be so tempting to stay in bed in your tattered sweatpants all day, but I promise it feels nice to dress for success. Here are some of my outfit ideas to keep you comfy, cute and put together while you’re social distancing.


Matching sets: This is taking loungewear to the next level. A matching set makes you instantly feel much more put together. You can customize a set to your liking as well. From shorts to pants, sweatshirts to tank tops, tie dye to monochrome- there’s a set for everyone. You’ll still be so comfortable in this elevated sweat suit, while being entirely on trend.


Flowy Dresses: Who else feels like they totally have their lives together when they put on a dress? It’s such an effortless look that instantly makes you look like you’ve been planning it for days. Skip the skin-tight dresses and go for skater or A-line dresses so you’re still super cozy. 


Jumpsuit: It’s literally just one piece of clothing to put on…it doesn’t get much easier than this. You can wear a comfy-casual jumpsuit, or go for a more professional one to give you that extra boost of confidence for your Skype-interview. A piece of clothing can really change your mindset when it makes you feel your best.


Cardigans: I know it sounds like something your grandmother would wear, but cardigans are totally coming back in style. And there are a million ways you can wear them. You can wear a chunky, white cardigan over a workout fit for an athletic look or a thin, pastel-pink cardigan over your favorite floral dress to feel pretty. You can even find some with cool patches or buttons on them to make them feel unique.


Blazers: This one seems a bit intimidating, I know, but streetwear has recently been mixing business with leisure. An oversized blazer looks chic and edgy over a monochrome sweat suit underneath. Pair it with your best headphones and coolest sneakers, and you’ll feel invincible. You can even belt your blazers, if you’re feeling like adding a little extra.


Accessories: Something as simple as throwing on shoes can keep you sitting at your desk instead of climbing back into bed. Throw on your favorite rings, chunkiest earrings and countless necklaces to feel like you’re getting ready to venture out into the real world. 

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