Considering I’ve been rotating the same three hoodies for weeks now, there’s nothing I want to do more than sprint to a mall and purchase a whole new wardrobe. It feels like we’ve been stuck in winter for years now, forced to wear a thick parka and eight layers anytime we leave the house. Now, when things are finally starting to warm up, we are told we can’t leave our houses. The only thing getting me through this quarantine is my plan to flex my fashion sense absolutely everywhere I go once I can. Here are some of my favorite spring trends for the 2020 season.


Pastels and Muted Colors: 

I know, I know…pastels for spring…groundbreaking. This season, pale pinks, baby blues, muted mints and light lilacs are all over the runway. They’re a perfect pop of color, without taking away from an entire outfit. In the past year we’ve seen a lot of neon colors trending, but for this coming season we’re going for more muted and subtle tones. 


Polka Dots:

 They’re making a comeback! Polka dots can easily be too busy of a pattern, but by pairing a polka dot blouse with ripped jeans and a chunky boot, it can be an amazing edgy look. Or if you have a more feminine side, try a polka dot dress with tights, your favorite headband and a tiny purse.


Statement Sleeves:

There is nothing I love more than a statement sleeve. A funky sleeve instantly elevates any outfit, making it look fancy and like you tried so much harder than you really did. You can have puffy sleeves, patterned sleeves, flowy sleeves- the list is endless. It’s easy to incorporate a fun sleeve into any outfit: from blouses to jackets and dresses.



One of the styles that seems to be all over the runway right now is monochromatic outfits. Basically, just throw on an outfit that is all the same color and it’s effortlessly chic. This is a big trend for street style and loungewear. You can instantly elevate your favorite pink sweatpants by adding a pink oversized hoodie and pink beanie. Finish it off with white sneakers, some chunky hoops and sunnies, and you’ve probably never looked cooler. 


Light Denim: 

Light denim is going to be a staple this spring season. From jumpsuits to jackets to jeans: light wash is your best friend. Dark wash is just a little too dreary and heavy for the new season. You can really make this trend your own because you can incorporate denim into an outfit in countless different ways. 


Spring is fashion’s most exciting season- it’s the perfect time to experiment with new styles and trends. Step outside of your comfort zone! Fingers crossed that quarantine ends soon so we can start treating sidewalks like runways again. 

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