Fairfield University is most definitely a trendy place to go to school. When walking around campus, one sees all the latest looks, as well as all the necessary items for life on a college campus. To help out all of our newest incoming first-year students, here is a list of the top 10 items to have as a Fairfield student:


  1. The perfect raincoat: Fairfield, Conn. is no stranger to rain and every student should equip their clothing arsenal with a raincoat for walking to class, the dining hall, and especially from the Quad to the Dolan School of Business. Some cute and fashionable raincoat brands include: LL Bean, the North Face, and Patagonia, and items can be purchased on the company’s websites for very reasonable prices.
  2. A planner: Keeping track of all of the homework assignments and deadlines can get hectic without a little help. Planners are a great way to make sure that you are able to keep up and do not let the first few weeks back from summer break get away from you. The Fairfield Bookstore has a wide variety of planners and I personally love the AT-A-GLANCE pink weekly planner, which is available for only $16.99 at the Fairfield University Bookstore.
  3. Reusable water bottle: if there is one thing most Fairfield students have in common, it’s that we can usually be found carrying around a refillable water bottle. These bottles are great to have, especially when going to class or to the Leslie C. Quick Jr. Recreation Complex.  There are fountains to refill your bottles around campus, and they are good for the environment – a win-win! A very popular water bottle at Fairfield is the Swell Bottle, because it keeps your drink cool and refreshing for hours at a time. If you are looking for a different or more affordable option, the bookstore carries more brands.
  4. Shower shoes: another important item for students, especially freshmen moving into the world of communal bathrooms for the first time ever, shower shoes are a must have. Although Fairfield’s cleaning staff keep the bathrooms clean, it is a good way to keep your feet protected from whatever might be stuck on your shower floor. While the bookstore does not sell shower shoes, they are easy to find. Stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond have a lot of options to choose from.
  5. A fancy outfit: one of the highlights of first semester is the annual President’s Ball, also known as Prez Ball. Prez Ball is a great night for the school community to come together, dance and have a great time, but a lot of students do not know about it when they first arrive. Prez Ball is a relatively fancy event — girls usually wear dresses or fancy rompers and heels, while guys sometimes go for a suit or khakis and a nice button down. Whatever your style is, remember to come to school with a Prez Ball outfit handy, because the event usually takes place the last week of September.
  6. Baseball cap: College is a very popular place for bad hair days. Before coming to college, I owned a Yankees baseball cap I only used for the occasional game. Now I have about ten caps, and they are a big part of my weekly hair routine. Caps are a great way to hide messy hair, and both guys and girls are often seen walking around sporting various different caps. The Stag Spirit Shop has plenty of cute hats for sale, and some of my personal favorites include: the Legacy Apparel Fairfield University Twill Hat ($20.00), and the ’47 Fairfield University Stags Adjustable Cap ($25.00).
  7. Rain boots: a good pair of rain boots make walks to class a whole lot easier, and dryer. While any rain boots will get the job done, a very popular pair at Fairfield are Hunter rain boots, which can be found easily on the company’s website.
  8. Sunglasses: having a nice pair of sunglasses goes a long way. However, between Saturday Lantern Point days and crowded sports games, it is also a good idea to have a few pairs that you would not mind losing (or dropping in the sand). Amazon has great cheap sunglasses for knocking around and you can even sometimes pick up a good pair in the bookstore. Round sunglasses have made a comeback as have the classic aviator style, but, whichever you choose, sunglasses are a great accessory to have and a great help when you are sitting on the Quad “doing homework.”
  9. A comfortable and cute workout outfit: Fairfield University has recently opened the amazing new RecPlex, which is a great place to go, de-stress and blow off some steam.  It is important to have some good workout clothes and a comfortable pair of sneakers to make getting up to go to the gym seem a little better.
  10. Fairfield Gear: the Bookstore is full of some amazing, comfortable and affordable clothing and accessory options, and there is something for everyone who goes shopping there. Fairfield students often show Stag Pride by sporting some of our very own school apparel when simply laying around, heading to a sports game or walking around on campus. There are a lot of great sales happening in the bookstore currently, and some of my favorites include: Under Armour Fairfield University Stags Women’s Athletic Fit Hooded Sweatshirt (clearance, $33.99), Nike Fairfield University Stags Nation Short Sleeve T-Shirt (clearance, $12.99)


Happy Shopping, Stags!

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