Read With Caution: The Bachelor Season 28 Spoilers Ahead!

This year, I decided to live out the ultimate 21st century college girl experience – I’ve decided to watch “The Bachelor.” To be honest, it was the spinoff, “The Golden Bachelor”, that initially sparked my interest in the show. Here is where I was introduced to the current Bachelor – Joey Graziadei. He made a guest appearance on “The Golden Bachelor” and provided the contestants with some tennis tips – because of course, he is a tennis coach. When the season ended and Theresa won (much to our chagrin), my friends and I decided that we needed another trash TV show to cure our “Golden Bachelor” hangover. We needed Joey Graziadei to grace our screen once a week. 

The season premiered Jan. 22 with a record high of 32 contestants. Now, with six episodes having aired, there are six women left: Rachel, Daisy, Jenn, Maria and both Kelseys. I can say with 100% honesty that I would be completely content with any of those women winning. Apart from Maria, these girls have not been involved with any drama so far. That being said, Maria’s name has been dragged through the mud this season by no fault of her own. Many of the other girls were jealous of Maria’s connection with the Bachelor, Joey. Instead of working on strengthening their own relationships, girls like Sydney and Lea focused their energy on painting Maria in a bad light to Joey – to put in Bachelor Nation terms – they were “putting her character into question”. These villains never had a meaningful connection with Joey that was palpable through my TV screen. Let’s just say when those two got sent home, there was a ballad of cheers coming from my house. 

Maria has the most romance connection with Joey, but Jenn has the best conversations with him. Daisy appears to be the crowd favorite on social media and yet I can’t help but root for Rachel and the Kelseys, too. Again, all of these women are great options for Joey. If I had to guess who is going home next Monday, I have to say goodbye to Kelsey T. While I love her, last week Joey took her on a one-on-one date to do gymnastics while he took Maria to pick out an evening gown (which was ugly – sorry!) and to ride a helicopter, with a vintage white limo as transportation. 

I have been rooting for Rachel since day one. She is beautiful, a hard-working nurse, and seems like a down-to-earth person. Additionally, she lives in Hawaii – where Joey lives. The location should be a deciding factor, as the couple has to consider logistics for after the season ends and they start their lives together. If I had to pick a runner-up, I would say Jenn. Their one-on-one date was the best in my opinion. Joey taught her to surf and they spent the day on the beach. I can see them being an endgame.

All of the six contestants that are left seem to be there for the right reasons. They are not interested in petty, made-up drama. They want a husband. No matter who wins (I’m looking at you Rachel), I am happy that Joey was keen to vote out all of the crazies already. All of the remaining six would make a wonderful match for this season’s Bachelor.

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