Anna Liffey’s owner, Patrick Mansfield (right)

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Irish pub Anna Liffey’s in downtown Fairfield, Conn. will be preparing for its busiest day of the year.  Each year Anna Liffey’s wins best Irish Restaurant voted by New Haven Advocate making it the perfect  place to go to on March 17, or any other day of the year.  Located also in New Haven, Conn., the pub has a relaxed, intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Vintage antiques, old-fashioned pictures and loud Irish music drifting through the lively pub transport you  back in time to the classic city of Dublin. Anna Liffey’s is actually named after the Liffey River in Dublin. Although Anna Liffey’s was first founded in New Haven’s Arts District in 1997, the true story behind the popular Irish pub traces farther back to Ireland itself.

Patrick Mansfield, owner of Anna Liffey’s, has been in the restaurant business ever since he was a young boy living in Ireland. When he first immigrated to the United States, he opened a pub in New York City called Anna Liffey’s, then a second one in New Haven. Being New England’s sixth largest metro city that is located between Boston and Manhattan, Mansfield thought New Haven was the perfect spot for a traditional Irish public house.

He decided to focus his efforts solely in New Haven where he would bring back the culture that was ingrained into his heart from Ireland, so he sold off the first pub in NYC.

His ultimate dream project consisted of building a modern American super pub that was uniquely immersed in the authentic traditions of Ireland.

When Mansfield first came across the beautifully historic town of Fairfield, he knew right away that it was yet another ideal place for Anna Liffey’s to open up.


Anna Liffey’s at 1494 Post Road in Fairfield was designed and built by owner Patrick Mansfield. The pub also hosts live music and showcases major sporting events.

Mansfield pursued his dream further by building the ultimate pub that consisted of three rooms, two bars, more than 20 flat screen TVs and one massive movie screen. The room’s décor is all imported from Ireland, making it exceptionally unique. Executive Chef Christian Morgan’s mouthwatering menu consists of award-winning food that will have you coming back for more.  His incredible talent in cooking will show through the delightfully prepared meals that look just as good as they taste.

Anna Liffey’s has been in New Haven for 17 years now, and has a great history of first dates in the pub that have gone on to be married, as well as many students from Yale that have now graduated and are working as successful doctors.

Many fans of the World Cup also come to watch it every year on the flat screens in the bar area; thereis no better way to watch the World Cup than to sit among a chanting, thrilling pub crowd while eating top-quality food.  It is no surprise that the Irish pub was voted one of the best places to watch soccer in the U.S. by Liffey customers, according to their website. With its newest location, Fairfield University students now can  enjoy delicious food in the exciting atmosphere of one of the best Irish pubs around. 

Best known for its Irish pub and grub type of food, Anna Liffey’s offers a large array of classic Irish entrees. From traditional corned beef and cabbage, richly whipped shepherd’s pie, and creamy Guinness stew, Anna Liffey’s is famous for its delectable selection of Irish comfort foods. The Liffey menu centers around Irish fare and mixed with an American fusion.

The pub also offers a wide selection of deliciously cooked American dishes, and is well known to serve some of the juiciest pub burgers around.  

The minute you walk into Anna Liffey’s its authentic ambiance will sweep you away.  Your eyes will always be wandering around the room at all of the different antiques and picture frames.

There is never a dull moment in this particular pub scene as there is always an exciting game on TV to watch with an energetic crowd of customers cheering on their favorite team.  The catchy, upbeat tunes playing in the background will lift spirits high and the friendly workers will always be attentive to your needs.

Anna Liffey’s reeks of old Irish tradition, and its high quality food and décor will enchant you the moment you enter inside.

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