It’s second semester. Barone is repeating meals, desserts and ‘specials,’ and you just want something different to get you through the cold and rainy months. While these aren’t completely different meals, these five little tips could make your day — and your dining experience — just a little bit more enjoyable. Enjoy!

  1.       Cookies: Warm up your cookie in the toaster by putting it on the lowest setting. During the winter months, a room temperature cookie will still taste amazing, but having a warm cookie that tastes like it’s just out of the oven can be heavenly.
  2.       Waffles: Grab some chocolate chips, blueberries or other toppings/add-ons from the other Barone stations. Then toss them into the batter or put them onto your waffle directly after removing it from the iron so they melt.
  3.       Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich: Make yourself an ice-cream cookie sandwich any day of the week. Just grab two cookies and head on over to the ice cream station.
  4.       Sundae fun-day: Want a sundae? There’s whipped cream by the waffle station to top it all off.
  5.       Late Night: Are you at Barone late at night when there are only a few stations still open, but there is not a lot of food left? You can request food. A personalized pizza from the pizza station, a burger or chicken nuggets from the grill. The workers are really accommodating and are just trying to prevent food from being wasted at the end of the day.

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