Everybody needs a bit of pampering, especially during your most stressful times. Finals are right around the corner, and they can be the definition of stressful. Fairfield University offers many stress-relievers during finals week, such as meditation in Bellarmine Hall or therapy dogs in the library. However, one of the greatest ways to relieve stress is to give yourself a few hours (or an entire day) to pamper yourself with a DIY spa treatment. Plus, you’ll feel more confident, clean and gorgeous in the end! Here’s five ways to give yourself a spa treatment during finals:


Invest in different face masks

Different face masks have different benefits. For example, the three-pack of face masks available right at Trader Joe’s has a clay mask, a toning mask and an exfoliating mask. Choose the face mask that your skin needs – if you need to detox, choose clay. If you need to get rid of dead skin, use an exfoliating mask. Although you are only supposed to use face masks once or twice a week, it doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple spa days during finals!


Invest in other masks

Face masks are great, but during a spa day, it’s not the only kind of mask you should invest in! Hair masks, eye masks, lip masks and feet masks are also available and can be bought at Sephora or Ulta Beauty. If you want a true spa day experience, buy all five masks and feel like a god or goddess at the end of the day!


Use Orbeez

Orbeez are sensory water beads that can be used for decoration or to soak your feet or hands in! They’re available on Amazon or at most toy stores for under $20. Let the beads soak in a large bowl, then place your feet or hands in for a relaxing, sensory experience!


Make some treats

On TV, people at spas have cucumbers on their eyes, avocado facials, you name it. This also happens in real life – and you can make them yourself! Create your own face or hair masks and/or make some tasty treats to enjoy during your spa day. A great snack for spa day is chips and guacamole!


Invite your friends

Your roommates and friends probably want to get in on the action (or relaxation, if you will) as well! Invite them over so you can spread some anti-stress around and let your friends relax as well. Tip: They might even bring some treats for the spa party!


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