Like clockwork, every Dec. 31 as the ball drops, my mind runs wild. I scribble in my notebook setting new goals and resolutions for myself in the upcoming year. The best part of Jan. 1 is that it is a complete blank slate. It’s a new year, new you, with new opportunities to grow and shine. 

Settling back into campus after a month at home can always be a tough adjustment. As we’ve valiantly navigated our way through the first week of the second semester, I’ve gotten theopportunity to talk to some fellow Stags about their New Year’s goals and resolutions. I’ve found some common themes throughout my chats and compiled some advice on these resolutions. 

Eating Healthy

Being a college kid, the desire to eat healthy isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. After a night out, a McDonald’s quarter-pounder is the first thing on my mind. But, it’s always important to remember that the food you eat fuels your body. Meaning, if you’re munching on McDonald’s every day you’re probably not fueling your body the way it needs to be. 

With that, I present to you the 80-20 lifestyle. This means 80% of the time you’re eating with the intention of being healthy while the other 20% you indulge in whatever greasy fried food you can find. This creates a balance for your body which will give you the energy and brain power to ace that Bio test but also give your cravings the exact fix it needs. I’m a huge believer in eating what makes you happy with no restriction and I truly believe that the 80-20 lifestyle works.

Being Kinder to Ourselves 

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up over the smallest things. Whether it’s critiques about our physical appearance, the way we bombed our finance test, or the way we stumble over our words talking to our crush, it’s tough to truly believe this but I promise, in a world of self-absorbed people, the only person who truly cares how you look or act, is you. So I urge you to remember that we live on a floating rock. Give yourself some grace in the new year and try not to be as harsh on yourself. 

Learn a New Skill 

This is something intriguing to me as I truly believe I have no talents. 

We may feel old, like we left our varsity basketball talent in High School or our Honors Chorus talents in Middle School but we are never too old to explore new hobbies. There are so many clubs and events that take place on campus that could possibly spark a love affair with a new hobby. You never know until you try.

In this New Year, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone a little and try something new. You never know what you’ll find!

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