When you suddenly take on the new title of “college student,” it seems as though there are a million different people telling you a million different things about what the first year is going to be like. Your parents might be more concerned about your grades while your friends might be more concerned about having a good time. But, whatever others may tell you, you are about to start on a new journey, one that is exciting as well as nerve-wracking. There will be times where you feel confident and are having a blast. Unfortunately, there will be other times where you feel stressed and maybe overwhelmed. But, like any new journey, there are ups and downs. Every person handles life’s new challenges in different ways. If you’re stressing about adopting poor eating habits or not having enough time for yourself during the first semester of college, remember that there are plenty of ways to keep yourself healthy and less stressed!

1: Always Eat Breakfast

You don’t have to go to the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons to have breakfast! If you’re in a rush, grab a granola bar, a yogurt, even a leftover slice of pizza from the night before. Any food for breakfast is better than no food. This is the start to your day – your fuel for the rest of the morning. Do NOT skip the meal; it’s the most important one for a reason!

2: Take Advantage of the Gym

In my opinion, the RecPlex is one of the best things about Fairfield University. It was built just a few years ago and there are so many different activities to participate in! From free yoga and spin classes to weightlifting and swimming, everybody can find an activity they enjoy. The gym is a great place to de-stress and do something productive that is not schoolwork or studying. Even a simple walk on the treadmill with that beautiful view of campus can do wonders!

3: Scope Out the Dining Hall

There’s something for everyone at the Tully, and it’s fairly easy to continue eating healthy with the options Fairfield’s campus has. The Tully has a huge salad bar, with vegetarian and gluten-free options. Although the various unhealthy foods can be tempting, there are plenty of healthy food options on campus, whether you’re in the dining hall or at the Stag. Also, remember that anything in moderation is completely okay!

4: Take Time for Yourself

Getting good grades and participating in lots of extracurriculars is important to many people in college, but don’t forget to make time for yourself. Have a cup of tea before bed, put on a face mask and relaxing music before your nightly shower or take a break from your studying and watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Whatever you like to do, make sure you still do it when you come to college. There will be plenty of downtime, despite what others may tell you!

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