Whether you’re new to Fairfield or not, it’s no secret to anyone that this town is packed full of delicious restaurants. No matter what you’re currently craving or where you’re currently located, the town of Fairfield has something to offer you. From Post Road to Black Rock Turnpike, from quick takeout to high quality dining, you’ll never go hungry when you’re living in the 06824 and we all know the classic options. In the mood for pizza? Hit up Colony Grill. Feeling a burger tonight? Flipside is your place. Craving Chinese? Wild Rice is waiting for you.


But I’m here to propose something new — what if, instead of visiting the same restaurants enough times to gain a loyalty card, we start trying new places? There are so many underrated, amazing restaurants in Fairfield that go unnoticed. Jinn’s Fresh Noodle House & Cafe is one of those places.


Located in the same plaza as Bob’s Stores and Village Bagels, Jinn’s Fresh Noodle House & Cafe is tucked into the right corner, almost out of sight from the road behind Mo’s Wine & Spirits and Dogwood Cleaners. When Jinn’s was recommended to me this summer from a friend, I had never noticed it before (and I’m a regular at Village Bagels). The only times I had eaten Asian-style food while at Fairfield was when I tried Wild Rice freshman year and when I ordered Chinese takeout from a random restaurant that put a flyer under my door sophomore year. I was ready to have a new go-t0.


Under the advice of my friend, I ordered the Fresh Sautéed Chicken Noodles, which are offered at $10.95. I was expecting the dish to come out tasting like a Chicken Lo Mein, but I was wrong. The noodles, along with crisp vegetables and strips of grilled chicken, were sautéed together with a really yummy, light and fresh sauce. The serving was huge (which means I brought home my leftovers, score), but I didn’t feel grossly full or bloated after. I also tried their Steamed Homemade Pork Dumplings, which were delicious.
The rest of their menu is diverse, ranging from appetizers like Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Fried Crab Rangoons to classic Chinese takeout options like General Tso’s Chicken and Moo Shu Pork to some items you wouldn’t expect, like Thai Curry Tofu and Mongolian Lamb. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is quiet and calm, and the people who work there are very friendly, but I think my favorite part is the convenience. You can order online, and they offer both pick-up and delivery options, so they next time you’re craving easy Chinese takeout, you know where to go.

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