It’s the little things in life that matter, and one of those little things could be adding enrichments to your smoothies that can boost both flavor and nutritional value. If you’re blessed enough to have an ordinary blender or a Nutri-Bullet smoothie blender in your room or apartment, you are probably already a smoothie-making expert. However, there are a plethora of places to buy smoothies in Fairfield if you do not make them at home, such as Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe and Robek’s. At both of these places, you can customize a nutritious smoothie that has everything you want. Plus, there are different enrichments and supplements you can add to your smoothie to bump it up, usually for an additional $0.50 per ingredient. Here are some of the many ingredients you can add to your smoothie to make it healthier and tastier!


  1. Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are basically a requirement when I make or buy a smoothie. They include about 6 grams of protein per serving, 10 grams of dietary fiber and are a great source of iron and omega-3s. You can have these tiny, health-packed seeds blended right into your smoothie or use them as a topping for your smoothie bowl.


  1. Spirulina


Spirulina is my absolute favorite smoothie additive. Although prices range from $20-$40 per container, it is worth the money. Spirulina is a superfood, a green micro-algae with 4 grams of protein per tablespoon. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, and is even proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. The best part: the use of spirulina will give your smoothie a rich, grassy green color or, if you purchase spirulina made from blue-green algae, a beautiful sky blue!


  1. Pea Protein


Incorporating one scoop of pea protein into your smoothie is a great way to get an extra protein boost, while still preserving the healthiness of the smoothie. Unlike a soy or whey protein, pea protein is 100 percent plant-based and does not have any negative side effects. After all, it’s made from peas!


  1. Turmeric


Turmeric may be a spice in your spice cabinet, but that does not mean it isn’t full of health benefits. The consumption of turmeric on a regular basis is proven to reduce cholesterol, treat diabetes and even prevent cancer cell growth. Plus, if you have the common cold, one teaspoon of turmeric in your smoothie every day can reduce inflammation and cure your cold faster. Perfect for the fall and winter!


  1. Greek Yogurt


I have Greek yogurt for breakfast every day, so I strongly believe it is a great ingredient to add to a smoothie. Greek yogurt can be used as a thickener for your smoothie, while also incorporating more protein. Hint: if you’re not a fan of bananas, use Greek yogurt as a base for your smoothie.

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