Our favorite stores mean the world to us. We light up when we receive a gift card, and everything can seem better when we walk out of our favorite store with multiple shopping bags. My favorite store in existence is located right here in Fairfield, however, barely anybody recognizes its greatness. It is hidden in the back corner of the Black Rock shopping center, and there are usually only two other people in the store besides me. It may be a lonely store, but it’s a store with such a variety. The Vitamin Shoppe is my sanctuary. It is where the employees are friendly and inviting, it is where I can spend over an hour inside just browsing the shelves. No matter what you eat or how much you exercise, the Vitamin Shoppe has something to offer.

When you walk into the Vitamin Shoppe, you are greeted by a sale associate and find yourself in front of several free samples. The past few months, the free samples have included BCAA energy supplements, hemp hearts and pouches of protein powder. Sometimes, they even offer free protein bites or other delicious snacks. This is just the beginning of what the Vitamin Shoppe has to offer. One of the first areas you will most likely encounter is the “grocery” aisle, where you will find every protein bar, protein chips, protein popcorn and protein cookies in existence. While many of these products contain whey protein, there are plenty of vegan options as well. I highly recommend the Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies they carry, which are a popular vegan protein cookie (which I ate for breakfast every day of my first-year at Fairfield).

The Vitamin Shoppe’s target audience is mostly athletes and gym gurus, which explains their gigantic protein aisle. Every protein powder and shake imaginable from 15 grams to 50 grams is for sale. It is easy to find what is best for your body, and many of the protein powders are sold as single packets, so you can try each one and see what you like!

You guessed it, the Vitamin Shoppe also sells vitamins and supplements. There are plenty of chewable or non-chewable vitamins for men, women and children to choose from and enjoy. Before I discovered those incredible SugarBearHair vitamins (which, sadly, they do not carry), I bought dissolvable biotin tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe, which tasted decent and promoted some hair growth. The Vitamin Shoppe also sells various skincare, haircare and even aromatherapy and essential oil products. These items are typically in the back of the store, so not many people know they are sold there. Many of the skin and hair products sold are organic, including organic hair dye!

There is something for everybody at the Vitamin Shoppe. Hit up the Vitamin Shoppe in the Black Rock shopping plaza on your next shopping trip. It has been the love of my life since I was 15-years-old, and I will never stop praising their products and the company as a whole.

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  1. Sharon M. Leite

    Thank you @sabrinatheart for your story on #thevitaminshoppe! It’s always our goal to help each and every one of our customers be there best best self as they define it. I’m happy to hear that your experience has been a good one for many years! Thank you for being a loyal customer and for sharing your story with others.

    Sharon Leite
    CEO, The Vitamin Shoppe


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