Over the summer, I made a mistake most people make at least once in their lives; getting my hair cut too short for my liking. To make matters worse, I got this haircut just two weeks before I was supposed to move back to campus. I spent the days after trying several different methods to grow my hair, including oil treatments and even hanging my head upside down for 10 minutes each day. However, a few days in, I remembered the many other routes I can take to grow my hair faster. Refraining from straighteners and blow dryers to style my hair contributes to hair growth, as well as using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I also remembered the wonderful supplement that is biotin tablets.

Biotin is a B vitamin proven to grow hair and nails faster and stronger. I took biotin vitamins when I was a first-year and wanted to grow out my hair after dyeing it a horrible color. Taking regular biotin supplements improved my hair growth and strength, but not by much. When I searched “biotin” in the Amazon search engine, the first vitamins to pop up were called SugarBearHair. I had heard of these before, and even followed the company on Instagram for a while because their posts were so colorful and relatable. It wasn’t until I bought these vitamins and started to see a noticeable difference in my hair that I discovered the reason why celebrities like the Kardashians love these blue gummies so much.

I’m wary of taking any kind of vitamin because some of them contain whey, soy or gelatin. Whey can cause digestion issues, while soy is proven to provoke hormonal imbalances in men and women. These are especially true for gummy candy, since gelatin is made from animal by-products and other unwholesome ingredients. However, SugarBearHair’s website ensured that their gummies are hormone-free, soy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian. I had also heard nothing but good reviews of these vitamins. I looked everywhere (Facebook, Instagram, the SugarBearHair website and articles online) and women and men were raving about these gummy bears. The combination of biotin, folic acid and vitamin C promotes healthy, shiny hair. The gummies also contain several other vitamins, such as vitamins D and B-12 (which I need more of) that make me feel healthier as well.

I started taking SugarBearHair vitamins one month ago, and have slowly begun to see an improvement in the strength and length of my hair. I also love waking up in the morning and popping two delicious gummy bears into my mouth; it has served as a positive start to my day. SugarBearHair gummies are a burst of berry flavor and are fun to eat. Each container comes with 60 gummies (two each day, one-month supply). If you purchase a three-month supply from the SugarBearHair website, a free hairbrush is included. If you purchase a six-month supply, a hairbrush and a cute cosmetic bag in the shape of a blue bear is included. The only downside to buying these vitamins is the price. I bought a one-month supply from Amazon, which cost a total of $32. A three-month supply bought from the SugarBearHair website costs $79.99, and a six-month supply costs $159.99. But, do the pros outweigh the one con? Absolutely.

SugarBearHair vitamins are taking over social media and my cabinet. Their natural, cruelty-free ingredients initially caught my attention, but the results sealed the deal, both for me and for the thousands of people who have left online reviews. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing before and after pictures. I wish I had done the same, but I was much too distraught about the length of my hair one month ago to take pictures. My hair grew about an inch since I cut it, when hair normally grows an average of a quarter to half inch per month. Of course, other factors contribute in hair growth such as using minimal heat to style hair and using sulfate-free shampoo. But, I can definitely say that these gummy bears improved my hair so I can finally feel comfortable with it again. Sorry mom, I am talking about those hair vitamins again.

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